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History and Mission of the Florida Developmental Education Association

The idea for organizing developmental educators around the State of Florida began with Reginald Touchton of then Florida Junior College at Jacksonville. In the spring of 1977, he met with a group of other teachers and administrators involved with developmental courses, all of whom were interested in forming a state-wide grassroots group to help faculty, counselors and learning lab staff share information, ideas and success stories. Administrators were invited to provide an insight into the larger political, fiscal and structural issues associated with developmental education. Based on this perceived interest in establishing a formal group, an Executive Board of volunteers was established to plan a state-wide conference. Members of that initial planning board were as follow:







The Division of Community Colleges heard about the organizers and sent Dr. Stafford Thompson, then working for the Division, to meet with the group, to help them form, and to test their reactions to some of the Division's plans for developmental education efforts. Stafford met with the Executive Committee for several years and was one of the guiding influences in FDEA's formation.

The first statewide FDEA conference was held in March 1978. Annual conventions have been held most every year since, with panel discussions, presentations, and seminars covering topics in reading, English, mathematics, study skills, counseling, and political issues.

During the 26th national conference of the National Association for Developmental Education, held in Louisville, Kentucky in March, 2001, FDEA was presented the Curtis Miles Award to an Outstanding Established Chapter. This prestigious award recognized the committment and involvement of FDEA members in local and regional initiatives that serve and benefit college preparatory programs in all of Florida's community colleges.

Florida Developmental Education Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation (Document #767314) registered in the state of Florida. Our FEI number is 36-4660672.

Purpose of the Florida Developmental Education Association

The purpose of the Florida Developmental Education Association is to improve the professional capabilities of developmental educators, the programs designed to prepare developmental educators, and the practice, theory, and delivery of developmental education to the students of the State of Florida.

Responsibilities, offices, and organizational structure are detailed in the FDEA Handbook.

FDEA goals are to:

  1. Identify practitioners in developmental education through print and electronic directories.

  2. Sponsor an annual conference for sharing effective methods and materials in developmental education.

  3. Maintain a liaison with appropriate state agencies to increase awareness of the significant contributions being made in developmental education programs throughout Florida colleges.

  4. Promote a liaison between secondary and post-secondary institutions to enhance college readiness.

  5. Publish and distribute a newsletter.


Award Programs

In an effort to encourage and promote efforts in developmental education, two awards are presented annually by the FDEA.


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